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Number of OFTs: 18

  OFT 2018-19
OFT 2018-19
No Title Technology Crop Department
1 Performance
of mid duration Sali rice Scented Variety
- Tripura Chikon, CR Dhan 909
T1 :Var:Tripura Chikon
T2: CR Dhan 909
T3: Kala jaha ( Check)
Rice Agronomy
2 Performance
of Buckwheat variety Sikkim Local 1 & Sikkim Local 2
T1: Sikkim local 1(Tita)
T2: Sikkim Local 2 (mitha)
T3:Gossaigaon local
Buckwheat Agronomy
3 Integrated Nutrient
Management of Jute in Jute-Toria sequence
T1: 75% recommended dose of NPK + 25%
supplement from compost
T2: Farmers practice
Jute Agronomy
4 Comparative
performance of chickpea varieties
T1: variety-GNG 2207
T2: variety-GNG 2264
T3:JG 14 (check)
Chickpea Agronomy
5 Control
of stem rot and root rot disease of olitorius
jute through potassic fertilizer
T1: Application of 50 kg/ha K2O at the time of sowing
T2: Control
Jute Plant Protection
6 Effect of management practices
of whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) in tomato
Tomato Plant Protection
7 Biological control of sugarcane pest T1:Release of Trichogramma chilonis on 45 day after
crop germination @ 50,000/ha at 10
days interval. Total of 8-12 releases to be made depending
pest severity
Sugarcane Plant Protection
8 Management of cutworm in field pea T1 : Mulching with rice straw just after of sowing
T2 : Control
Pea Plant Protection
9 INM on rice-linseed sequence
T1: In rice 75% of RD + FYM 3t/ha + Azospirillum+ PSB each(@50g/kg of seed for both)
In Linseed 75% of RD + Azotobacter+ PSB (@ 50g/kg of seed for both
T2: Farmers practice
Rice , Linseed Soil Science
10 Cultivation of Okra by using organic sources of
T1:Azotobacter and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria@ 7.5g each per 100g of seeds Farm Yard
Manure @ 5t/ha+ Vermi Compost @1t/ ha along with Rock Phosphate 313 kg/ha at the time of  final
land preparation.
T2: Farmers practice
Okra Soil Science
11 Cultivation of Cabbage by using organic sources of
T1: Azotobacter and Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria @ 7.5g each per 100g of seeds Vermicompost
@5 t/ha + Rock Phosphate @375kg/ha T2: Farmers practice
Cabbage Soil Science
12 Assessment of Capsicum varieties in farmers field T1: Angel (F1Hybrid)
T2:California Wonder
Capsicum Horticulture
13 Performance of Broccoli variety (Hybrid) in farmer`s field T1 :NSC 105 B
T2: Green Magic (Check)
Broccoli Horticulture
14 Organic cultivation of turmeric var. Megha Turmeric T1:Seed treatment:Cowdung+ cow urine slurry/ FYM inoculated with Trichoderma spp. @5 g/kg seeds
Manuring: FYM@ 10 t/ha + Neem cake@ 2 t/ha
T2:Farmers Practice
Turmeric Horticulture
15 Performance of Knolkhol var. Kanchanjangha in farmers field T1 :Kanchanjangha
T2: Local
Knolkhol Horticulture
16 Productive performance of Hampshire pig under intensive system T1:Hampshire pigs under intensive system
T2:Farmers practice: indigenous breed
Pig Animal Science
17 Performance of Kadaknath chicken under backyard system of management T1: Kadaknath birds as dual purpose breed
T2:Farmers practice- rearing of local chicken
Chicken Animal Science
18 Productive performance of Turkey for lean meat production in Chirang district T1:Turkey breed- Spanish black Turkey Animal Science
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