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Number of FLDs: 16

  OFT 2018-19
FLD 2018-19
No Crop Thematic area Technology Demonstrated
1 Blackgram Varietal evaluation Integrated crop management of blackgram var PU 31 in blackgram – toria sequence
2 Buckwheat ICM Integrated crop
management of Buckwheat in rice – buckwheat sequence
3 Niger ICM Integrated crop management niger in rice – niger sequence
4 Rice Varietal evaluation Varietal performance of submergence tolerance varieties of Sali rice(Ranjit Sub-1 &
Bahadur Sub-1) in rice lentil sequence
5 Finger Millet ICM FLD on Finger Millet(Local)
6 Jute ICM Performance of olitorious jute Var. ‘Tarun’ for fibre production in jute –toria system
7 Toria Seed production Foundation seed production of Toria(TS-67,TS-46,TS-29) through PPP mode
8 Jute Seed production Foundation Seed production of olitorious Jute var. Tarun
9 Rice varietal evaluation Varietal Demonstration BAYER`S Hybrid rice variety- Arize-6444 old
10 Rice IPM Monitoring and management of rice yellow stem borer through pheromone trap in rice-toria
11 Banana Biological Management Determination of efficacy of non-woven poly propylene 17 GSM bunch bag for controlling
fruit scarring  beetle in Banana
12 Wheat ITK Rodent management in wheat through low cost bamboo trap
13 Rice, Rapeseed Soil management Application of zinc and boron on rice-rapeseed sequence
14 watermelon ICM Crop diversification in sand silt deposited areas
15 Marigold ICM Popularization of summer marigold var. Ceracole in Farmers field
16 Vegetable Demonstration Popularization of poly tunnel technology for raising nursery in
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